Spacious wooden planters

Locally and socially produced

What makes a standing garden unique?

1. Local and Social

Our planters are socially produced in the Netherlands from European Douglas wood.

2. Spacious bins

The containers are extra spacious for happy plants. And therefore suitable for mini vegetable gardening.

3. No plastic but coconut mat

Each bin has coconut mat on the bottom. This is made from residual material from the shell of the coconut and is very durable.

About us

I was looking for robust vertical planters

Hey, my name is Gerrit. I enjoy the experience of small-scale vertical gardening. And want to enable others to enjoy as well. When I wanted to start gardening in a vertical planter on my balcony a few years ago, I couldn't find the product that exactly met my wishes. That's why I made it myself.
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The standing garden is modular. In other words, designed in such a way that you can determine the number of layers / planters yourself. Do you want 2 layers because you don't want to go up too high? Or do you want 4 so that you have extra "garden" surface? Did you know that 4 planters gives you 6m2 of "garden" surface? You can do a lot with that!

Choose you for 2, 3 or 4 layers? Or do you only buy one or more individual flower boxes to determine how you use them?

2 layers = 110 cm high
3 layers = 165 cm high.
4 layers = 215 cm high.
Width = 79.5 cm.

Inside dimensions of the planters
At the top 20.5 cm wide, at the bottom 14.5 cm.
18 cm deep.

The standing garden is designed to stand on its own. So that is diagonally against the wall. But you can also place it right against the wall. You are free to choose what you like best.
The upright version will only remain standing if you attach it to the wall with a few screws. The holes for this are already in the uprights, so you only have to arrange a few plugs and screws. And of course a drill.

Consider carefully where you place the standing garden and take this into account when choosing the plants.

Put him up against a wall South, keep in mind that it can get very hot there. The possible summer sun that shines on your wall and the heat that radiates off the wall can cause certain plants or flowers to decay and you should water very often to prevent that, especially on hot summer days. If you do place the garden in a sunny spot, choose plants or flowers that do not need much water.

Or is it eg under a shelter, it can have benefits for certain plants but you have to water more because there is no natural water supply.

Do you choose a place in the shadow? Then choose plants that thrive in the shade.

It all sounds logical, but sometimes I forget to think in my enthusiasm and choose the wrong plants for the circumstances. That's okay, you learn from it, but sometimes it's nice to prevent dead or sad plants plant

The garden (with filling) is heavy enough to stand independently. Heavy enough not to simply fall over due to the wind (heavy storms not counted, I dare not guarantee that😀). But it is advisable to secure it anyway if this is desirable for security. Especially if small children come to the standing garden, I recommend that you do so so that he cannot fall on the child. When using on a balcony, make sure that you do not place the standing garden too close to the balustrade so that a child cannot use it as a ladder and can fall over the edge.

- Use plants and herbs whose root ball will fit in the containers and pots. It is not convenient to have to make the root ball smaller. Then there is a good chance that the plant cannot feed itself sufficiently.

- Herbs do well in a standing garden. Small vegetables are also possible, but consider carefully how much root ball and soil the vegetable in question needs. With the right circumstances, your expertise and care, you will succeed.

- If you want to experiment, you can choose to do that only with 1 container, a part of a container. If things go wrong then you don't have to start all over again. But remember, you always learn from it.

There is also hope for people with less green fingers. You can always choose to plant ornamental grasses that require little care. Think, for example, of different types of Vestuca ornamental grass or Sedge. These are also hardy.

Other easy herbs and plants to start with that require little care / water:

- Mint
- Rosemary
- Thyme
- Lavender
- Sage
Sedum species
Bedding plants are very suitable if you would like flowers in the standing garden.

There are very nice plants and flowers that do well or even bloom in autumn and winter. Think of the Goultheria, Helleborus, Winterheide, Zilverdraad and the Bonte Hebe.

Assembly is easy because the bins have already been assembled for you. You only have to connect the uprights together with the supplied bolts and nuts and attach the trays to them.

Assembly can be done within an hour. All you need is a ring or spanner 13. Just like with Ikea cabinets, you have to follow the assembly instructions carefully and it is easier with the two of you.

You can determine the distance between the boxes yourself because there are several attachment points (holes in the uprights). Choose more space for, for example, a cherry tomato or less space for, for example, sedum. Do you opt for the standard distance between the bins as shown in the photos? That is .. cm.